All seminars are at Stillwater Public Library-

Margaret Rivers Room - 2nd floor 6-8pm

Tuesday March 3rd 2015
Minnesota Disability Law Center 

Focus on YOUR questions- plus following topics:  


  • Common legal  problems in the IEP process and advice
  • Steps parents should follow and avoid
  • Frequent IEP errors and options
  • How to effect change at district level and state level
  • Accommodations 
  • Restraints and seclusion
  • FAPE: Free and Appropriate Education
Download flyer: MN Disability Law Center Presentation /Content/22_82/Files//PASEStewart.pdf


September 30
         ARC overview topics
Thursday Oct 23

GetSet!™ Special Education Overview for Early Education thru Middle School

Audience: Parents and guardians of children who receive special education services.

Description: This workshop helps participants gain a better understanding of the Special Education Process and become a more active participant on their child’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan) team. Learn about how children are identified for special education services, the evaluation process, and the process of developing an IEP. The workshop also includes information on developing IEP goals, accommodations and modifications, service delivery, least restrictive environment and positive communication between home and school. Goal: Participants gain a better understanding of special education services


Tuesday Nov 18

Conversation Related Presentations

Walk through the IEP

Audience: Parents and guardians of children who receive special education services.

Description:  This presentation is for parents who have questions or concerns about their child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).  The Arc has an interactive presentation for formal and informal groups called, “Walk through the IEP”.  An advocate with expertise in special education issues can meet with your group and go step by step through the IEP and IEP process and answer specific questions.  Previous participants had these comments on this workshop:  “Very informative”, “The advocate was great!  Thanks for the follow up on previous issues”.  This workshop is free, and The Arc can tailor the material specifically for your group.

Goal: Participants gain a better understanding of the IEP document and components that make up an effective IEP and become more comfortable in their ability to advocate for their child in IEP team meetings.