We understand Private Too!
We understand about the importance of privacy.  This site and email list is only to connect parents with information about special learner issues.  It is run by volunteer parents and is strictly your choice to join.  We are not connected with the school and do not have access to any records. The following information is intended to help you understand how your personal information is used by PASE on this website. You should also read the host site's privacy policy.
Information Collected
In order to register on the website, a minimum amount of information is required including your name and e-mail address. All other account information you provide is voluntary and is editable by you. By registering on this site it in no way implies your child is in special education - we are here to educate parents.
How Information is Secured
Your account information is accessible via your password-protected login. It may also be accessed by select members of the PASE Board who are responsible for managing membership information, and by PASE Board members who administer the website.
How Information is Shared
You can control whether you receive e-mail via the site by changing the opt-in e-mail status on your account. Note that your email address is never openly displayed on the site and is only available via a link to prevent it from being misused.  We only ask for name and email to keep in contact electronically.  We ask for which (age) group your child is in to help direct certain information to you in the future specific to that particular group - it is again voluntary.
Online Directory
This website provides the ability to display an online directory for registered users.  You can control how your information is displayed in such a directory via the "Directory Features" settings on your account. For example, you can opt-out entirely by choosing "Do not list me". You can also control the formatting of your name and whether or not to display your phone number.  We do not intend to ever show this information on our website.
To remove yourself from the site
If you wish to remove yourself from the site, send an e-mail to  Stillwaterareaspecialed@ch2v.com with the subject "REMOVE".
Last updated 10/07/2013